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How to Use a Video Microscope?
2011-06-04 23:50:25

How to Use a Video Microscope?




















    • 1

      Set up your video microscope on a hard, flat surface in an area with plenty of room to work. You'll need enough space for your microscope, viewing screen, slides and specimens.

    • 2

      Place your slide and/or specimen on the surface of your work area, directly under the lens of the microscope.

    • 3

      Adjust the position of the microscope over the specimen until the specimen appears on the viewing screen.

    • 4

      Wait for the microscope to focus on the specimen. Video microscopes do this automatically. You can use the viewing screen to watch the microscope try to focus.

    • 5

      Use the zoom button on the microscope to focus on a particular point of the specimen. You can also zoom out to get a broader view of the entire specimen.

    • 6Use the capture button on the viewing screen to save an image. You can then import the saved image to your personal computer, email it to colleagues and print it out to use it in reports.
















Tips & Warnings

  •  Video microscopes come with all the parts necessary to start using them right away, including viewing screens.
  •  Video microscopes do not look like traditional microscopes. A video microscope consists of a lens mounted on an adjustable arm. The arm is affixed to a stand and pedestal. You can move the lens around by pushing and pulling on the arm. There is no viewing tray on a video microscope. Specimens are placed on the work surface and the lens is brought over the specimen.
  •  Make sure your work surface is clean and free of dust before placing a slide or specimen on it.
  •  Many video microscopes come with automatic date stamps on the viewing screen. Whenever you capture an image, it is automatically recorded with the date and time the image was captured. This can be particularly useful in scientific experiments.

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