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BGA / LGA Rework Process
2011-06-04 23:42:23

BGA / LGA Rework Process

BGA / LGA Rework Processes

BGA rework procedures and education The following describes the general BGA rework process covering the development and criteria for establishing profiles for BGA removal and replacement. The materials required for such an operation are outlined below. Critical elements of the BGA / LGA rework operation including paste pattern printing and rework profile development are described in great detail. There are several technologies which can be used as the heat source in removal of a BGA including but not limited to hot air and IR. The BGA rework process described herein is generic in nature to the type of heating system used. The experience BEST has gained in reworking thousands of BGAs on hundreds of different customer PCBs has shaped the information found in this process description.
Material Required

  • Solder paste flux
  • BGA and LGA Rework System including computer-controlled heating source on the part area, PCB preheater capable of heating underneath entire board area, calibrated vision system, automatic vacuum pick up system and data logging functionality
  • XRAY System
  • Endoscope or other optical inspection system
  • Squeegee
  • Stencil
  • Kapton Tape
  • Hand held soldering system
  • Reflow oven
  • Solder wick or solder extraction tool
  • Stereo microscope

BGA Rework Process Flow

  1. Develop Process
  2. Develop Profile
  3. Part Removal
  4. Site Preparation
  5. Part Placement
  6. Part Reflow
  7. Inspection

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