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High-power soldering station
2011-06-04 23:53:07

High-power soldering station
High-power soldering station
The HANKE 150C soldering station from HANKE INSTRUMENT features the new 150 W high-power soldering iron.
The soldering iron combines a compact, powerful heating element(HFEC) with a replaceable soldering tip. The rapid transfer of heat into the soldering tip is quickly and precisely controlled with sophisticated electronics which allows the HANKE 150C's compact design to cope with big and difficult solder joints even at barely accessible joints. It is also suitable for HF shield plates or solar panel manufacturing,earth terminals,power switch,connector,etc
The microprocessor-controlled CPU unit has a number of built-in functions such as preset temperatures,and temperature working mode,individual settings for setback and password lock temperature, which make it ideally suited for use in production, rework and laboratory environments.
A special tip life saving function is automatically activated when the soldering iron is placed into the  safety iron stand. By removing the iron from the stand, the tip temperature is restored immediately to the set working level.
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