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Product Abstract:

Glad to introduce our WIFI & Wireless Digital Microscope; It can work on mobile device like tablet PC or mobile phone, which is WiFi Capable and based on IOS or Android. This device is widely used in different fields including:

Product Description

Our WiA500X Wireless Digital Microscope, makes up the limitation of distance can be used in a range within 10 to 60 meters.
It is a perfect match with IOS mobile device ( iPad, iPhone,iPod ) and android mobile device (android tablet PC, android mobile phone).
Please read below manual to get more detail about the microscope and follow the operation instructions.

Products are widely used: Education / research institutes, antique calligraphy enthusiasts, industrial inspection departments Display terminal: Portable Devices: which have WIFI signal Tablet PC and mobile phone

Product selling point:
1. Handheld portable , easy to carry, without time or space constraints and non-portable devices constraints
2. display pixels high, the radio transmission, the terminal displays an image synchronized with the actual measured
3. in the microscope industry, the world's first wireless WIFI data connection, and the display terminal is the signal with WIFI Tablet PC and mobile phone
4. If the built-in battery is no electricity, you can use the mobile power charging. Our microscope is the world's first who use the mobile charging technology companies to supply the microscope charging



Model No.

HK-WIA500X (customised higher version)


WIFI Wireless Microscope


Mode of Transfer

WIFI (IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless)

Image Sensor:

300000 Pixels (customised higher)

Still Capture Resolution:

640*480 (customised 1280*720)


Magnify and display in real-time, take images

Focus Range:

Manually adjustable 0~40mm

Frame Rate:

30f/s Under 600 LUX Brightness

Magnification Ratio:

25X-200X (Customised 25X-400X / 50X-500X /

25X-600X / 40X-800X / 40X-1000X)

Phote Format:


Light Source:

8 LED (adjustable by control wheel)

Power Interface:

Micro USB

Operation System:

Iphone, Ipad, IOSand Android System(WIFI Capable Mobile Device)

Working Distance


OSD language:

English, Chinese (more customised languages)

Bundle software:


Product Size:

140mm (L) x 36.8mm (R)

Product Weight:



Blue (Customised Black, White, Pink, Pearl White)

Power Supply:

1000mAh rechargeable Li battery(customised)

Package Contents:

1. Microscope; 2. Microscope Base; 3. CD; 4. USB Power line; 5. Calibration Ruler

Packaging information:

Each unit in gift box


One Year


CE, FCC approval, RoHS compliance


Notes before use :

1. Don't dissemble the digital Microscope or change the interior parts, It can cause damage.

2. Don't clean the Microscope with alcohol organic solvents

3. Don't touch the lens with your fingers.

4. Avoid outdoor use if possible.

5. Storage temperature, -20° C ~ +40° C, Humidity: 45%RH ~ 85RH%.

6. In case the product gets wet, leave Power connection immediately. And do not dissemble or dry by hair dryer. Send to repair center if The microscope was affected by liquid or other elements.

7. Measurement Data only for reference.

8. Wireless signal range within 30 m

 Rich Colorful Applications
1、Industrial Inspection: Electronics manufacturing (IC surface inspection, semiconductor, SMT, PCB circuit boards, TFT-LCD/LED etc.) Abrasives Industry (abrasive galvanic corrosion, wear, defects, etc.) Precision machinery industry (precision parts defects, cracks, and data measurement and analysis, etc.) Printing industry (printing quality inspection, observation and analysis of inks, printing equipment, commissioning) Textile industry (quality control testing, etc.) Metallic materials, composites, plastics industry, glass-ceramic materials, printing images, watch gears, testing, leather resin inspection, welding and cutting checks, dust detection and so on.

2、Scientific identification: identification of criminal forensics, document identification, identification, identification jewelry, antiques appraisal repair
3、Beauty: the skin clean view, skin care view, the hair root view, such as skin irritation view
4、Academic research: research institutions, agroforestry research, geology research, paleontology research specimens
5、Digital teaching: to facilitate students class, after class better observation of nature biology, microbiological observation, observing flora and fauna such as sliced
6、Antiques, artifacts recognition applications: antiques, ceramics and other artifacts can be on-site observation and identification

microscope applications


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