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Product Abstract:

The latex material, adding anti-static compounds, and antioxidants, can well be static elimination. Anti-static finger sets of operators can avoid direct contact with static sensitive components, and can put operator safety diarrhea electrostatic charge carried by the body. For electronic components, semiconductor, LCD, disks, liquid crystal displays, circuit boards and other work wear.

Product Description



Static dissipative finger cots also known as black static dissipative finger cots


They are powder free and offers consistent conductive level.


Static dissipative finger cot are primarily used where static charge is a major concern.


These finger cots are ideal for Electronic, Pharmaceutical and semiconductor facilities.

Packaged as 1440 pieces/bag  


Some of the Characteristics are as follows:


Application Electronics, Optotronics and Medical Industry
Anti-static  Yes
Powder-free  Yes
Average Surface Resistivity  106– 108 Ohms/Square
Average Tensile Strength  500 kg/cm2
Cot type  Ultra-clean
Cot style  Rolled
Length  60-68mm
Thickness  0.22-0.25mm
Size S/M/L 
Package 1440pcs/bag
Test Certificate RoHS Compliant


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