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Anti-static bubble bag

Product Description

1.Material: PE
2.100% recyclable
3.Superior protection

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: Customer requirement
Delivery Detail To be determine

1. Anyti-static feature
2. Line with bubble film
3. Good cushioning for box package
4. good protection suring transportation
Product description
1.The Anti-static bubble bag are blow by the LDPE and LLDPE blow film
2.The inner layer air  bubble diameter are 5mm, 10 mm, 25mm
3.Surface resistance 109-1011Ω
4.We can add self-seal tape on the cover for easy package
5. can effectively protect the product from static electricity damage equipment.
1.Shock buffer for goods against from pressure touch, fall and damage...
2.Very effectively protect the product from static electricity damage equipment.
3.Light weight
4.Perfect for box package
It's mainly used for packaging small electronic components, communication product, watches, small gift, and some small OEM items et

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