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Product Abstract:

Anti-static aluminum foil bag with anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference and moisture three functions. Moisture-proof requirement applies to electronic product packaging. Surface resistance: 108 ~ 1010Ω between. Anti-static aluminum foil bag can maximize the protection of static sensitive components from the potential static electricity hazard.

Product Description

Product:  anti static aluminum foil bag


1-This bag is often used for electronic packing 
2-the surface of the bag has low resistance,can prevent the static

Material structure:  VMPET12/PE

Thinckness: 40um-120um(One side)

Color printing:  According to the requirements of client

Aspect of bag:  heat sealing bag

Using range: Electronic products

Surface resistivity:106 -1012

Their unique four-layer structure can form a (sensor cover) effects in order to protect the production of goods and within the static field isolation. In addition, the inner layer is composed of polyethylene to eliminate static electricity, you can prevent static electricity in the bag.

Our company has formed the special production technical system and production capability on color-printing composite package products. For more information acquiring, please don't hesitate to contact us. we will respond on time.

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