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Product Abstract:

Low price this kind of video microscope can plug into VGA display and television, two kinds of mode selections, the superelevation of cost performance, camera color is sent at random. Product introduction: VGA high clear video camera ---Adopt a new generation and import 2 million to look like and count the transducer of the picture original packagingly, color is lifelike, stability is strong, the ones that are suitable for fast high-efficiently are in the test place of line. The industry camera is suitable for the test place of the micro- meticulous things of every large field of amount of production, the micro- video has been liberated by the stereoscopic micro- fatigue that brings human eyes and cervical vertebra directly, AV monitor not clear glimmers to replace heaviness and picture too, has improved work rate directly.

Product Description
Products characteristic: 
1,Strong VGA view outputs the function: (can drive CRT/LCD display and TV directly) 
2,The high and clear digital formation of image is made up: (improve and measure efficiency, measure quality and accuracy)  
3,The dynamic observation of translation, there is no shadow of towing smoothly in the view: (save the time of working) 
4,Variable cross curve cursor: It is apt to distinguish the colour difference effect of the testee, assist and examine the localization of clicking 
5,The function of the total word controls menus: (easy and simple to handle, swift, easy to understand, perfect)  
6,The view is steady, have not glimmered: (comfortable, difficult to be tired that eyes are observed)  


7,Keep and set up automatically: (start the machine and does not need to set up repeatedly again)  

Camera Description:

Sensor Size 1/3" CMOS Color
Pixels 1600H×1200V(2MPixels)
Pixel Size 2.8μm×2.8μm
Resolution for Monitor 1600*1200,1680*1050 ,1440*900,1366*768 ,1280*1024,1024*768
Frame Rate 1600*1200@ 23FPS
1680*1050@ 26.5FPS
1440*900@ 28FPS
1280*1024@ 25FPS
Definition Horizontal direction 800 line,vertical direction 700 line
SN Ratio 42.3dB
DynamicRange 71dB
Camera Lens C-Mount Interfaces
Exposure Control Automatic / manual operation
White Balance Automatic / manual operation
Color Mode Color,Monochrome,Puce,Negative Film
Image Mirror Functions Image rotate :UP, Down , Right , Left
Freeze Functions Full Screen Freeze, Freezing Playback, Comparison between Still image and Dynamic Image
Programmable Control Photograph, time of exposure, GAMMA, contrast, acutance, R/G/B Gain, color saturation, elimination screen flicker and Date
Language English/ Simplified Chinese / Chinese Traditional
Parameter Save Automatic Programming save 5 groups data.
Measure Function 1. --Straight line (10group).
2. --Diameter, Perimeter and Aera of Circle (5 group)
3. --Wideth Length, Perimeter Area of Rectangle(5 group)
4. --Perimeter , Area of Polygon(20side/5group)
5. --Center distance(5 group)
6. --Perimeter , Area of illipse (5group)
7. --Radian,lenght of Arc(5 group)
8. --Angle measure inside of Circle(5 group)
9. --Agnle (0°-180°/5group).
--Scale on creen (Moveable and scale can be set )
Memory Function Support all kinds of 256M-32GB U disck
No limit for photo numbers
Can name , date and time file
Marking line, Measuring marking image, Sign and Calibration Scale can be saved with photo.
Memory Time 2-4 Second(Depend on resolution and disk)
Mark Line --12groups Cross, can be moved by mouse, and adjust the menu position
--3 groups circle sampe, can be moved by mouse, and just the menu position
--1 group Circle with scale(360°/1),2 Gann Fan,0-180°adjustable,scale:0.1°.Above function can be marked by six colors
Image tag Function Support 10pcs Arrow mark
Mouse Interfaces Normal PS2 Interfaces,Mouse cursor refresh 60 times per second
Display Interfaces VGA
Soft Keyboard Yes
Operation Temp 0-40℃
LED light direction Flashing means working
Scan Mode Progressive
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